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Название изобретенияLithium ion battery
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АвторыHuang, Jen-Chin Suzhou City (CN); Song, Huabin Suzhou City (CN)
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Дата публикации2013-06-05
Дата приоритета2012-01-26
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A lithium ion battery (100) includes a cell assem- bly (20), a casing (10) containing the cell assembly, a cap assembly and electrolyte filling in the casing. The cell assembly has stacked electrode plates (21, 22) with separators (23) disposed between neighbored electrode plates. The casing has a bottom wall (11), a number of side walls extending vertically from the bottom wall, and a receiving space defined by the bottom wall and the number of side walls with an opening opened outwards. The cap assembly includes a cap plate (40) covering the opening and encapsulating the cell assembly in the cas- ing. A recessed structure (121) is formed on the side wall of the casing.

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