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Название изобретенияElectrical safety test apparatus and test method for rechargeable lithium batteries
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АвторыGeorge Wing Au, Fair Haven; Fee Chan Leung, Hazlet,;both of NJ (US)
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Дата публикации2001-05-01
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A voltage is applied to a lithium battery resulting in a constant current charging rate until the lithium battery reaches two hundred and seventy percent of the minimum specified capacity, or until the lithium battery vents, or at a charging rate of three times the specified or rated minimum charging current for a predetermined minimum duration or time. The predetermined minimum duration of time is a function of the lithium battery's rated capacity and the rated or specified charging current. In one embodiment of the present invention, an increased voltage is utilized when testing a lithium battery having more than one cell. The present invention helps to detect lithium battery vents that may fail under use. The present invention is applicable to many military and specialized industrial applications where improper venting of the lithium batteries may result in failure and injury due to risk of fire or exposure of the lithium battery or cell.

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