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АвторыIsao Watanabe; Hiroshi Horiuchi; Kensuke Yoshida; Tsutomu Miyashita; Tamotsu Yamamoto; Masami Tsutsumi, all of Kawasaki (JP)
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Дата публикации2001-02-13
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A lithium secondary battery includes a cathode which can be dischargeably charged with lithium ions, an anode made of lithium metal, a lithium alloy or any other anode material which can be releasably doped with lithium ions, and an electrolyte which allows migration of lithium ions between both electrodes. The cathode contains a halogen compound which releases halogen atoms, halogen ions or a reactive halogen-containing substance for reacting with the anode, thereby deactivating the anode to prevent excessive heat generation before oxygen released from the cathode due to a temperature rise reacts with the anode.

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